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Full Time Accredited Courses



The Edge delivers accredited training programs:

CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance Performance

  CUA50113 Diploma in Dance Performance (Elite Performance)  

CUA50213 Diploma of Musical Theatre


Delivered in partnership with ATOD. RTO 31624


Why choose Nationally Accredited Dance Qualifications?

These benefits include a variety of positive outcomes such as:

National recognition of professional dance training in the dance industry

  Financial assistance for students (eligibility criteria apply)  

What makes our courses different?

In addition to the qualification you enrol in The Edge delivers additional classes including:

Master class workshops with national and international choreographers

  Industry skills  
  Musical Theatre  
  Commercial jazz  
  Group singing classes  
  Rehearsals and performance opportunities  

These classes are provided over and above the requirements for your enrolled qualification.

Students are continually monitored and provided feedback on their competence and performance in all additional subjects. To ensure the highest level of training, all classes timetabled are compulsory as an enrolled full time student.

Financial Assistance

Pending the students' personal and parental financial status, students may be eligible to receive Youth Allowance or Austudy from the Australian Government Department of Human Services to study the Certificate IV in Dance Performance. Fee help may be available for those enrolled in Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance).

Please see www.humanservices.gov.au for further details or contact Cetrelink directly on 132 490.

Accredited by Australian Teachers of Dancing RTO Provider 31624.

  Why choose The Edge Performers School?
CUA40113 Certificate IV in Dance
CUA50113 Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance)
CUA50213 Diploma of Musical Theatre
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Course entry is strictly by audition only.
For full details of our program (including a copy of the
audition application), please click here to request
our full time course prospectus

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Why choose The Edge
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